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The motorcycle you are using must have current full road worthy registration.



We advise that your motorcycle should be fully insured for all scenarios, it is up to the motorcycle owner’s discretion as to what policies are applicable.


Road Worthy:

Please arrive to the tour with a fully functional motorcycle that is in roadworthy condition and capable of reliably travelling between 200kms and 300kms per day in varying road conditions. 


The routes terrains range from smooth tarmac, beaches, sandy trails, smooth gravel roads, rough gravel roads and rocky dirt roads.


It is the individual riders’ discretion as to the road worthiness of their motorcycle. However, it is Endeavour Motorcycle Tours duty of care to refuse an un roadworthy motorcycle on the tour.



No pillions are accepted on Endeavour Motorcycle Tours


Spare Parts:

It is advisable that each motorcycle carries a small range of spare parts for emergency situations. Motorcycles are mechanical devices and can fail or can be damaged when crashed.


The support vehicle can carry spare parts to the lunch time meeting point of each day during the tour, it is not always possible to have the support vehicle deliver parts to the road side as this will affect the running of the tour.


It is the individual riders’ discretion as to what parts are suitable.



It is advisable that every motorcycle has the OEM tool kit or a customised tool kit in case of a breakdown during the tour.


The support vehicle will have tools on-board but is not always possible to deliver road side assistance.


It is the individual riders’ discretion as to what tools are suitable.

Fuel range:

All motorcycles must have a full tank of fuel for tour departure each day.


All motorcycles on the tour will need a fuel range of at least 180kms (contact for tour specific details). This fuel range must be take into consideration a wide variety of terrains and riding conditions.


The support vehicle can aid in recovery and will have a small amount of fuel available on board but is not always possible access all sections of the routes.


It is the individual riders’ discretion as to what their motorcycles fuel range is (refer to OEM manual).

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